Cobb County Schools Revamp Math and Science Education using Virtual Reality

Cobb County schools are about to introduce virtual reality (VR) technology into its classrooms in a ground-breaking move that will bring in a new era of fully immersive learning for pupils. The Cobb County Board of Education just approved spending $2 million to acquire “Prisms of Reality,” a cutting-edge math and science teaching resource created by former teacher and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Anurupa Ganguly.

Within a virtual setting, the program seeks to provide pupils practical practice tackling actual math and science problems. The program has the ability to completely change the educational environment, as Superintendent Chris Ragsdale praised as a “life-changing opportunity” for pupils. VR technology will allow students to interact dynamically and interactively with difficult ideas, closing the knowledge gap between theory and real-world application.

Prisms of Reality creator Anurupa Ganguly outlined that the software provides a spatial learning environment where students may fully immerse themselves in simulated situations that call for mathematics and scientific problem-solving abilities. Students begin with experience learning, negotiating virtual environments that mimic real-world problems, rather than with abstract models.

When studying response time, for instance, students play the part of a train conductor and see directly how to brake in high-speed situations. Deeper comprehension and retention are made possible, Ganguly stressed, by this method, which helps students grasp ideas naturally.

Usually, students will use virtual reality for 25 to 30 minutes of each class period before switching to more conventional learning techniques. Through a dashboard, teachers will track their development and offer help and direction as needed. As a facilitator, VR technology improves teachers’ job, according to Ganguly, allowing them to successfully scaffold students’ learning experiences.

Board member Nichelle Davis expressed excitement about bringing this cutting-edge technology into the classroom because she saw how it may improve problem-based and experiential learning. The district is dedicated to provide its students access to state-of-the-art educational possibilities, as seen by the choice to introduce Prisms of Reality in ten middle schools and ten high schools for the next academic year.

The schools chosen are: Allatoona High School, Awtrey Middle School, Campbell Middle School, Campbell High School, Daniel Middle School, Durham Middle School, Floyd Middle School, Hightower Trail Middle School, Hillgrove High School, Lovinggood Middle School, McEachern High School, North Cobb High School, Osborne High School, Pearson Middle School, Pope High School, Simpson Middle School, South Cobb High School, Sprayberry High School, and Tapp Middle School.

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Virtual reality technology is about to completely transform math and science education in Cobb County schools, enabling children to explore, create, and succeed in a world going more and more digital.

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