At the State Model Water Tower Competition, Cherokee County Students Shine

Three-time Georgia State-Wide Model Water Tower Competition champions, Teasley Middle School students Hunter Hamby and Sarah Vehar, demonstrated their engineering skills. The competition, which took place at The Water Tower in Gwinnett County on April 14, attracted regional winners from all across the state who were all keen to showcase their artistic creations in a demanding setting.

Annually held, the competition is a lively assembly of young brains interested in technical concepts and innovation in water resource management. Presenting their working model water towers, students from all around Georgia compete for monetary awards as well as honors in a number of technical and creative categories.

The middle school participants had to build functional water towers this year that followed precise height and size requirements. Hydraulic, structural, and design inventiveness were the judging standards. Stressing sustainability, the competition promoted the use of recyclable materials and let student investigate cutting-edge building techniques that might have useful, real-world applications in water management.

As Teasley Middle School representatives, Hunter and Sarah called their entry “Submarine Diver.” Their device won them a respectable third place and a $300 reward because of its innovative design and usefulness. There was fierce rivalry; the winner took home $500, and the second place finisher $400. A wide spectrum of talents was encouraged among competitors by the competition’s superlative awards for Best Engineering Design, Most Artistic, Outstanding Presentation, and Most Imaginative “Outside the Box” entries in addition to the cash prizes.

Additionally recognized were the winning kids’ schools, which were given awards to put on display as evidence of their students’ accomplishments and dedication to advancing STEM education.

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals and the American Water Works Association’s Georgia Section are the sponsors of this two-fold event. It raises consciousness of and support for the water sector while also giving students a competitive environment in which to put their academic skills to use. These groups work hard to make sure that next generations know the value of water resources and are prepared to use creative solutions to safeguard public health.

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The success of Sarah Vehar and Hunter Hamby at the State Model Water Tower Competition emphasizes the need of giving young students in Cherokee County the chance to push themselves and excel in technical professions and shows the potential of Cherokee County’s youth in STEM fields. Their achievement inspires their classmates and makes the Teasley Middle School community proud.

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