Cherokee County Recycling Center Temporary Service Outages On Account of Upgrades

Certain recycling services at Cherokee County’s Blalock Road facility will be temporarily suspended from April 26 to May 7 in order to make necessary improvements to meet growing recycling needs. This project is a component of the county’s initiatives to improve service effectiveness and control the increasing amount of recyclables produced by its citizens.

Single-stream recyclables—which comprise mixed paper, plastics, and metals typically processed together—will not be accepted by the plant at this time. The reason of the stoppage is the installation of a second compactor, which is meant to increase the capacity of the facility and lessen future service interruptions. Regretfully, while the improvements are being made, the current compactor at the location will also be unavailable.

Not all services at the Blalock Road site, though, will end. Glass and aluminum cans will still be accepted at the location, along with other fee-based disposables such paint, mattresses, bagged garbage, and scrap metal. These services will keep running, giving locals some recycling choices even throughout the upgrading time.

The county is modernising another recycling facility at Hobgood Park in addition to the work at Blalock Road. A second compactor will be installed at this location on April 29. After the improvements—which include new entry and striping—the Hobgood Park facility should be back in full use, matching the capabilities of the refurbished Blalock Road location.

Manager of Cherokee County Recycling Center Troy Brazie thanked the community for their understanding and patience during the upgrading process. Brazie said, “We appreciate your patience as we seek to add more resources to our facilities that will assist decrease service outages in the future. The demand for better facilities is being driven by the encouraging trend of locals recycling more, he added. “We are working to bring better service for you and we are excited that more people in our community are recycling,” he said.

The county has been diligent in notifying its citizens of these interim adjustments and visitors to the Blalock Road facility of the impending disruptions and the planned completion date. By Wednesday, May 8, officials want to have operations back to normal, greatly improving the county’s recycling capacity.

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Cherokee County is responding to the requirements of its expanding population and to sustainable trash management, as seen by this effort. By making facilities improvements, the county hopes to maintain strong and dependable recycling services, therefore encouraging an eco-friendly community.

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