Cherokee County Farmers Go to Georgia Capitol for Farm Bureau Day

Farmers from Cherokee County recently headed to Atlanta for a big event called Georgia Farm Bureau Day at the Capitol. It was all about standing up for agriculture and making sure lawmakers heard their concerns.

They got the chance to meet with important people like state representatives Rick Jasperse and Mandi Ballinger. These meetings were held in Jasperse’s chambers, and they were a great opportunity for farmers to talk directly to lawmakers about what matters most to them.

The farmers had a lot to say. One big issue they brought up was wildlife causing damage to their crops. They’re looking for ways to deal with this problem so it doesn’t hurt their livelihoods. Another important topic was protecting their rights to their land and water. They want to make sure laws support them in this.

They also talked about the legal stuff. Farmers want changes to make it easier for them to do business without worrying about getting sued for small things. And of course, they need help ensuring they have enough workers to keep their farms running smoothly.

This year, the event had its biggest turnout ever, with over 600 farmers showing up to make their voices heard. Leaders like Lt. Governor Burt Jones and Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper spoke at the event, stressing how vital agriculture is to Georgia’s economy.

Speaker Jon Burns also had some good news. He talked about plans to use extra money in the state budget to help farmers and families. They’re looking at increasing tax breaks for homeowners and parents, which could give farmers some financial relief.

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Overall, it was a successful day for Cherokee County farmers. By speaking up and meeting with lawmakers, they’re working to make sure agriculture stays strong in Georgia. It’s clear that when farmers come together, they can make a real difference for themselves and their communities.

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