Cherokee County Confirms Presidential Primary Results

Cherokee County’s Board of Elections and Voter Registration certified the March 12 presidential primary election results on Monday at the Cherokee County Conference Center in Canton.The board unanimously included 12 provisional ballots in the certified results after careful analysis to ensure a complete and accurate election result.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won their party primaries, following statewide trends. Trump won Cherokee County with 82.91% of Republican votes, securing his nomination. Biden won 91.68% of Democratic votes, securing his nomination.

Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis trailed Trump in the Republican primary, while Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips received votes in the Democratic primary.

Despite the heated primaries, Cherokee County had just 15.57% of registered voters vote. While Election Day saw 14,921 ballots cast, early and absentee ballots also helped turnout.

Just over 875,640 Georgians voted in the primary elections. However, the verified results showed that Republican voters and Democrats across the state strongly supported Trump and Biden.

Cherokee County elections is undertaking a risk-limiting audit of the March 12 election to ensure openness and integrity. This public audit will verify that election results represent voter intent and safeguard democracy.

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Cherokee County shows its commitment to democracy and equal voice by certifying the presidential primary election results. As the audit continues, the county is committed to fair and transparent elections for all.

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