Amazing Escape: Drunk Driver Runs Into Two Homes in Kennesaw While Pursuing at High Speed

Early on a seemingly calm Friday morning, two homes on Alaspair Lane in Kennesaw were struck by a suspected intoxicated driver who was being pursued by police at a fast speed, upsetting the tranquility of the community. At around 2:30 a.m., there was a major accident that fortunately did not result in any serious injuries.

The terrifying experiences of the impacted homeowners were described by them, emphasizing how unexpected the collision was. One of the householders, Cathy Reado, had just come back to her bedroom following her fetching of a drink of water when the collision happened. She initially thought the incident was caused by bad weather or a falling tree, but when she smelt gasoline and saw a car stuck in her kitchen, she quickly recognized how serious the situation was.

“Everything felt strange until I saw the car inside. I was shocked by what I was seeing in front of me,” Reado said in an interview with Bryan Mims of Channel 2.

There was further chaos after that. The same car broke into Reado’s kitchen and made its way to Abdolaye Seck’s bedroom, startling Seck awake in a different house. “It was quite scary. It was an unbelievable terror to see the car’s lights flashing and the driver inside, only a few feet away from where I was sleeping,” Seck remarked, clearly relieved that he had not been hurt.

Cobb County police have identified the driver as 19-year-old Benedicto Morales from Jefferson. They say that after trying to stop the BMW X5 quickly, the driver lost control of the vehicle. He had been the target of an attempted pullover by officers on Baker Road for his unpredictable driving and possible drunk driving. Morales did not cooperate; instead, he accelerated, causing the catastrophic disaster.

Even though Morales was brought to Wellstar Kennesaw Hospital, it’s unknown what exactly is wrong with him or what charges he has. The inhabitants must deal with the fallout in the meanwhile. The first house struck only suffered minor structural damage, allowing its occupants to stay. Sadly, the second house sustained significant damage that made it unusable. To help those who were affected by the incident, the American Red Cross intervened.

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As Reado thought back on the evening, he had a mixture of shock and appreciation. She said, “You see this on TV, not right in front of your eyes, so we’re still a little shaken up.” Even with all of the destruction and upheaval, the victims’ general attitude was one of gratitude that no one had been physically hurt. Seck expressed gratitude and summarized the miraculous ending of what could have been a fatal meeting by saying, “Thank God we’re still alive.”

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