Following an intensive search, a 7-year-old Georgia girl who had been reported missing was discovered safe in Puerto Rico

Stella Brannen Salter, age 7, who was reported missing from Georgia on March 29, has been discovered in Puerto Rico in good health, bringing to a happy conclusion a distressing ordeal. Saturday at noon, the FBI Atlanta, in conjunction with the Lyons Police Department and Puerto Rican authorities, achieved the successful apprehension of Stella and her non-custodial mother, Wendy Salter, at a retail establishment in Puerto Rico.

An extensive search effort was initiated in response to Stella’s disappearance, and authorities expressed concern that her mother may have taken her to Puerto Rico. Local law enforcement agencies and the FBI collaborated ceaselessly in their pursuit of the missing girl, which resulted in her safe return.

Wendy Salter will be extradited to Georgia to face allegations of interstate interference with child custody in relation to her actions. The expeditious and synchronized reaction from law enforcement agencies spanning multiple states was pivotal in ensuring Stella’s safe return home.

Stella was last seen in Metter, Georgia, which is situated around 65 miles from Savannah, prior to her discovery. The revelation regarding her location in Puerto Rico assuages the profound concern of her family and the local community, who had been eagerly anticipating updates on her condition.

The poignant reunion that Stella shares with her cherished ones signifies the conclusion of a distressing ordeal and emphasizes the criticality of cooperation and prompt response in cases involving missing persons. The ongoing inquiry by authorities into the circumstances surrounding Stella’s disappearance and her voyage to Puerto Rico maintains the central objective of safeguarding her well-being and furnishing the essential assistance required by her family.

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Stella’s return home safely serves as evidence of the community’s unwavering support and the determination and perseverance of law enforcement personnel, despite the fact that the specifics of her absence from home remain unknown. This case serves as a poignant reminder of the vital significance of public cooperation and vigilance in protecting the welfare of our most susceptible citizens.

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