Woodstock Mayor Launches Mayor’s Youth Leadership Academy to Empower Future Leaders

Opening the first Mayor’s Youth Leadership Academy from June 10th to June 14th, Woodstock Mayor Michael Caldwell is starting a new era of youth leadership. The goal of this creative five-day program for Woodstock high school seniors and juniors heading into their senior year is to give members the information and skills they need to enhance their community.

Working with the University of Georgia’s J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership, the City of Woodstock is leading this important project that will change things. The program aims to create a new generation of involved and capable leaders by offering a thorough education that explores how local governments work and encourages leadership growth.

One thing that participants can look forward to is a busy schedule full of engaging experiences, such as tours of departments, interaction sessions with Fanning Institute teachers, and talks with City Directors. Individuals attending will also have the chance to witness a City Council Meeting, which will give them important information about how local government works.

Speaking about the value of diversity in leadership, Mayor Caldwell was excited about the different ideas and skills that each participant would bring to the school. He repeatedly told those who want to be leaders to take this chance to improve their abilities, help their community, and create a difference.

Individuals from Cherokee County, mainly Woodstock locals, who want to join one of the twelve spots open in the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Academy must go through an application process. Such requirements include filling out an application form, getting a reference letter praising their leadership skills, and making an interesting two-minute movie explaining their goals and how they could help the community.

The time to apply is April 30, and the application process starts April 1. Contest winners will be told by May 15, giving members plenty of time to get ready for the program’s start on June 10. On a daily basis, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the classes will give people a full learning experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Final day will include a graduation ceremony to honor the young leaders’ achievements and future goals. Others in the community, including Mayor Caldwell, will praise the players for working hard to shape Woodstock’s future.

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As the start date for the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Academy approaches, young people in Woodstock are getting more and more excited about the chance to become leaders and make their town better. To create a better and more welcoming future where young leaders are given the tools they need to make a real change, Mayor Caldwell is launching this bold effort.

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