Woodstock Debuts Trailblazing Leadership Academy for High School Students

With Mayor Michael Caldwell’s groundbreaking Youth Leadership Academy, Woodstock will experience something special. This hands-on, intensive program is for high school juniors and seniors who desire to be leaders. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, these young hopefuls will study local government and leadership from June 10 to 14.

The City of Woodstock and the University of Georgia’s J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership are planning an interesting learning experience. From seeing departments to talking to city officials, participants will learn how the city works. The curriculum, which is supplemented by qualified teachers from the Fanning Institute, involves attendance at a City Council Meeting, giving students a front-row seat to government in action.

The academy welcomes applications from students who have shown a talent for leadership, as proven by a referral from a teacher or administration. Candidates are also encouraged to convey their vision and devotion to their community via a two-minute video, which adds a personal touch to their application. Mayor Caldwell is casting a broad net, inviting a diverse group of young people to apply, highlighting his view that great leaders can come from any background.

Although the program is accessible to all children in Cherokee County, Woodstock residents have a minor advantage in the selection process. Twelve applications will be selected from the pool to form this pioneering cohort. The application window begins on April 1st, with a strict deadline of the end of month. Notifications will be sent out by May 15, guaranteeing an eventful summer for the chosen pupils.

The weeklong program begins at noon on the first day and runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A graduation reception finishes the program, celebrating these young leaders’ transformational journey.

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The Mayor’s Youth Leadership Academy in Woodstock is a commitment to creating tomorrow’s leaders. It pledges to prepare young minds to make a difference via education, involvement, and exposure to real-world government. It sends a strong message that Woodstock believes in the power of young and is willing to invest in their future.

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