With its new location near Kennesaw State University, Caribou Coffee ignites anticipation

A new location of Caribou Coffee has opened in the center of Kennesaw, Georgia, providing coffee aficionados in the vicinity of Kennesaw State University with an additional cause to be delighted: the establishment is known for its upscale blends and inviting ambiance. Situated at the former location of a Burger King (at 3280 Barrett Lakes Blvd.), the coffee house represents a pleasant metamorphosis for enthusiasts of coffee in the vicinity.

Commemorating its seventh establishment in the vibrant metropolitan Atlanta area, the inauguration of the Kennesaw location signifies a momentous achievement for Caribou Coffee. Building upon the prosperous inauguration in Milton earlier this year, the Kennesaw location assures customers of the continued appreciation for the renowned coffee chain’s exceptional standards of excellence and friendliness.

Caribou Coffee offers a wide range of visiting hours, accommodating locals, students, and faculty members during the week (weekdays: 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.; weekends: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.), while also functioning during the weekend. The coffee shop has implemented a sequence of promotional activities to commemorate its inaugural day. On Saturdays, patrons who purchase large or extra-large beverages will receive complementary cake pops. Additionally, on Sundays, latte beverages will be offered at a 50% discount to entice customers.

The Kennesaw location welcomes patrons into a lively and hospitable environment, featuring a drive-thru for the convenience of those in a hurry and both interior and outdoor dining areas. The dining establishment features a diverse selection of meticulously crafted beverages, which includes recently introduced spring options infused with authentic lavender candies. Exceptional items that accommodate diverse palates and preferences include the invigorating Iced White Mocha with Lavender Cold Foam and the fragrant Honey Lavender Espresso Shaker.

Caribou Coffee offers a wide selection of breakfast sandwiches and confectionery items to satisfy the appetites of its customers, guaranteeing that every patron can enjoy a revitalizing and nourishing dining experience. Caribou Coffee in the vicinity of Kennesaw State University is positioned to gain significant traction among individuals who appreciate coffee and cuisine, whether they are in search of a post-class pick-me-up or a relaxed weekend brunch with companions.

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Caribou Coffee, in its most recent establishment, cordially invites members of the community to congregate, savor the occasion, and experience the indescribable delight of a freshly brewed cup of coffee accompanied by a pleasant aroma and an aura of eager expectation. Therefore, why not stop by, partake in an opulent delicacy, and participate in the commemoration of pleasant coffee and companionship?

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