Where to Enjoy Hawaiian-Inspired Dishes in Georgia

As an enthusiastic foodie, I thought I had experienced it all. But recently, I was introduced to a new cuisine flavor that nearly knocked me off my chair. We may be over 4,000 miles from Hawaii, but you can still find great Hawaiian food in Georgia. Though I was out of state, I was kindly taken to a restaurant last weekend that specifically served “Hawaiian Street Food.” If you are unfamiliar with these flavors, Hawaii Magazine and Serious Eats describe items such as Huli Huli Chicken, a Hawaiian-style barbecue, Musubi, Garlic Shrimp, and Poke as traditional items of this cuisine. Furthermore, they qualify as must-try items if it is your first experience. At the street food establishment I visited, we shared orders of these classics: Shoyu ahi poke bowl with seaweed salad, garlic shrimp, Chicken Katsu with grilled pineapple, and garlic white wine buttered Mahi Mahi.

Options For Great Hawaiian Food In Georgia

Lucky for us, there is one place that is so obvious that it seems too great to be true. Located at 2801 Washington Rd in Augusta, you will find Hawaiian Style BBQ. They are open every day at 11 AM. Their menu has all of the classics full of flavor in addition to a long list of appetizers and “Sammiches.” Even their side dishes are on brand with items like Cabbage Kimchi and Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Next, we’ve got Rae’s Coastal Café. They are located at 3208 W Wimbledon Dr. While they don’t necessarily brand themselves as Hawaiian-specific, they do cook up a lot of island-inspired plates like coconut fried shrimp and blackened Mahi Mahi. Given they are not far from the Masters, they create a specialized menu each year while the tournament is going on. Also Read:

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In addition to these well-known spots, a new Hawaiian-themed restaurant, Aloha Eats, is set to open in Atlanta’s Midtown area next month. Aloha Eats promises an authentic Hawaiian culinary experience with a modern twist, featuring dishes like Loco Moco, Spam Musubi, and a variety of poke bowls. The owners, originally from Honolulu, aim to bring a slice of island life to Georgia, incorporating locally sourced ingredients while staying true to traditional Hawaiian flavors. Information taken from

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