Wellstar Welcomes Lorrie Liang as New President of Kennestone Regional Medical Center

The renowned medical institutions Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center and Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital have undergone a significant leadership transition with the appointment of Lorrie Liang as their new president, as announced by Wellstar Health System. Liang will assume the position of senior vice president within the Wellstar Health System in her new position. She will utilize her vast experience to supervise operational activities and make valuable contributions to the system’s strategic expansion.

Prior to his affiliation with Wellstar, Liang served as the esteemed president of Sarasota Memorial Hospital, located in the southwestern region of Florida. She oversaw the hospital’s 900 beds, 6,400 employees, 1,300-member medical staff, and Level II trauma center, among other vital services and facilities, with distinction during her tenure. The leadership she demonstrated at Sarasota Memorial Hospital exemplified her aptitude for overseeing extensive healthcare operations and propelling substantial progress in the fields of medicine and patient contentment.

Liang has amassed an extensive portfolio of experience in numerous critical domains throughout her more than two-five-decade-long healthcare career. This includes service line development, physician practice management, hospital operations, graduate medical education, and research initiatives in both academic and community healthcare settings. She is a multifaceted leader who is adequately equipped to address the intricacies and possibilities of the modern healthcare landscape, considering her extensive background.

Liang has earned two academic credentials—a Master of Health Services Administration from The George Washington University School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County—which serve as solid pillars for her professional trajectory. Her academic accomplishments have equipped her with the necessary knowledge and abilities to thrive in healthcare administration; these have served as the foundation for her professional development.

Mary Chatman, the former executive vice president of acute care operations at Wellstar, will be succeeded by Liang. Chatman expressed confidence in the ability of Liang’s successor to manage the complexities of overseeing two of Wellstar’s most important institutions when discussing her appointment. Liang was tasked with managing the executive team, collaborating with other Wellstar markets, forming partnerships with physician enterprises, and engaging with community stakeholders in order to build upon the recent successes of Kennestone and Windy Hill Hospitals, according to Chatman.

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The appointment of Lorrie Liang coincides with Wellstar Health System’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its commitment to delivering exceptional care to the communities it serves and to expand its service offerings. It is anticipated that her extensive knowledge of healthcare operations, strategic acumen, and track record of success will propel Kennestone and Windy Hill Hospitals toward continued medical excellence and superior patient care.

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