Washington County Opens No-Turn-Away Shelters Amid Heat Wave

Washington County has taken proactive steps to ensure public safety during the heat wave by establishing no-turn-away shelters. These facilities provide refuge for residents seeking relief from the extreme temperatures, offering a vital resource to protect vulnerable individuals.

As temperatures soar, the no-turn-away policy ensures that anyone in need can access cooling centers without fear of being turned away. This initiative aims to prevent heat-related illnesses and provide a safe environment for those without adequate cooling at home.

Community support and coordination have been crucial in setting up these shelters, which are strategically located to serve populations most at risk. Residents are encouraged to utilize these resources and take precautions to stay hydrated and cool during the heat wave.

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Washington County’s commitment to public health and well-being is evident in its proactive response to the weather emergency. By providing no-turn-away shelters, the county demonstrates its dedication to ensuring that all residents have access to essential services during times of extreme weather conditions.

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