Unemployment & Holy Discontent

Each week at church, I inevitably will ask a man how his job is going. His response will be “Well, I’m currently out of work and looking.” I will show him compassion and then respond by saying “I’ll be praying for you.”

While my comments are sincere, I walk away with a high sense of frustration as there is nothing I can do to help him. It breaks my heart when a man is unemployed for the following reasons:

  1. I hate seeing the embarrassment and sense of defeat in his slumped shoulders and eyes.
  2. He has a sense of failure because he can’t provide for his family.
  3. His wife develops varying levels of insecurity.
  4. The marriage suffers. Each of the past few weeks I have met couples that are divorcing. What each had in common was the husband had employment issues.
  5. Generational issues then arise as the children are more likely to suffer in school and face similar marital instability when they reach adulthood.

Well, I have reached such a state of holy discontent that I am working on a plan to address these issues at a local church level. I hope I succeed as this has reached a point of crisis.

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What issues burden you the most? Have you developed a plan to address that issue? If not, start today and cheer each other on because the world desperately needs solutions to the issues they are currently facing. We can help!

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