Two Cobb Officers Injured in Hit-and-Run Incident

Two Cobb County police officers narrowly avoided a fatal accident when a speeding Lexus collided with their parked patrol car before fleeing the scene. The incident, which underscores the dangers faced by law enforcement, occurred during a routine traffic stop.

Officers James Miller and Sarah Thompson had just completed a traffic stop on the highway’s shoulder when the Lexus suddenly crashed into the rear of their patrol vehicle. The force of the collision sent the patrol car skidding several feet, barely missing the officers who quickly jumped to safety.

Instead of stopping to check on the officers or the damage, the driver of the Lexus sped away from the scene. Witnesses promptly called emergency services, and additional police units were dispatched to track down the fleeing vehicle. Despite an extensive search, the driver has not yet been located.

Officer Miller suffered minor injuries and received on-site medical attention, while Officer Thompson was taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. Both officers are expected to recover fully. The community has expressed outrage over the incident, rallying in support of the officers and demanding that the responsible driver be brought to justice.

Police Chief Robert Davis condemned the driver’s reckless actions and reaffirmed the department’s dedication to capturing the suspect. “This reckless act endangered the lives of our officers. We are using all available resources to identify and apprehend the individual responsible,” he stated during a press briefing.

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This incident highlights the unpredictable risks inherent in police work. As the investigation proceeds, the Cobb County Police Department is calling on anyone with information about the hit-and-run to come forward and assist in locating the driver.

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