Tragic Incident at Ohio Stadium: Georgia Woman Identified as Victim of Fatal Fall

Authorities have identified the woman who tragically fell to her death from Ohio Stadium during Ohio State University’s spring commencement as Larissa Brady, a 53-year-old resident of Woodstock, Georgia. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, has left the university community in shock and mourning.

According to reports from the coroner’s office, Brady was pronounced dead at the scene by Columbus firefighters shortly after noon on Sunday. Her daughter was among the graduates receiving a bachelor’s degree during the ceremony, adding a poignant layer of tragedy to the event.

Witnesses and investigative reports from the coroner’s office indicate that Brady had attended the commencement with her husband and 12-year-old son. After initially sitting with her family, Brady expressed a desire to move to higher seats within the stadium. However, she later climbed over a concrete wall near the last row of benches in section C30, where she had been seated, leading to her fatal fall.

The investigation into Brady’s death revealed that she had a history of mental health issues and had previously attempted suicide, including an incident earlier in the year. Her husband informed investigators that she had been non-compliant with her medication regimen.

While Ohio State University and its police department have provided limited details about the incident, they do not suspect foul play or view the fall as accidental. Preliminary reports suggest that Brady’s death is being investigated as an “apparent suicide” by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office.

In the aftermath of this tragic event, the university has reached out to graduates and staff, offering counseling services and support. Despite the somber atmosphere, the commencement ceremony proceeded as planned, with university officials and speakers refraining from addressing the incident directly.

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As the Ohio State community grapples with the loss of Larissa Brady, there is a profound sense of sorrow and sympathy for her family and friends. The university extends its heartfelt condolences during this exceptionally difficult time, emphasizing the importance of coming together to support one another in the face of tragedy.

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