Tragic Hit-and-Run and Arrest of Woodstock Resident for DUI

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has announced that a guy from Woodstock is in arrest on charges related to a sad occurrence that killed a 78-year-old bicyclist. An elderly man highly esteemed for his family’s and the community’s many accomplishments was engaged in the accident that happened earlier this month, and its impact has been profound.

A terrible incident with a car happened on March 3 as Charles Miles “Chuck” Johnson was riding his bike along Towne Lake Parkway at its junction with Wyngate Parkway. News accounts indicate that Johnson was hit by a silver or gray Nissan that swerved onto the sidewalk before escaping the area via Bells Ferry Road. Johnson was critically injured in the crash and passed just a week later at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.

Police were able to identify a suspect after conducting preliminary investigations; the suspect’s car matched the description given at the site and had visible front-end damage. He then went into a forested area to hide his car’s damaged bumper after originally saying he had struck something. Nevertheless, police persisted in their quest for the real culprit due to inconsistencies between paint samples taken from the suspect’s car and those from the accident scene.

Evidence found at the site was finally linked to a car that belonged to 24-year-old Joseph Michael Tillman, marking a significant development. Afterwards, Tillman was taken into custody and is now facing several grave accusations, such as first-degree vehicular murder, DUI, felony hit-and-run, evidence tampering, careless driving, and providing a false statement to law authorities.

In the Cherokee County jail, Tillman is being detained without bail until additional legal processes.

Chuck Johnson was a beloved member of the Canton community and a lauded leader in the ministry; he was also the proprietor of The Furniture Guild. His philanthropic nature is emphasized in his obituary, which notes that he often performed musical performances at nearby assisted care institutions. Many who knew and loved Johnson will miss the “true servant’s heart” he had.

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In a funeral ceremony that focused on the effect of Johnson’s life, his wife of 49 years, three children, and five grandchildren paid tribute to his legacy. In remembering a man whose life was devoted to helping others and spending time with his loved ones, his family and the community at large have gathered to celebrate his abundant love and warm welcome to everyone.

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