Three Texas Restaurants Listed for Best in America

A popular past time for many people is watching Top Chef, which provides an insight into the world of culinary competition and skill. Texans will find special meaning in this season’s competition because three of the competitors are from the Lone Star State. The season is much anticipated by my wife Lindsay and I, and we’re happy to see Texas represented on the national scene.

That is not where the thrill stops. We have a particular place in our hearts for Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, where Top Chef’s current season was filmed. These were the first places we called home after getting married. Seeing the culinary drama play out in locations we used to frequent is a sentimental trip.

These Top Chef competitors stand out for having stellar resumes that frequently include Michelin-starred restaurants and James Beard nominations or awards. The culinary skill on the program is evidence of the ability that flourishes in the Texas food sector.

For those looking for a taste of greatness closer to home, Texas is home to three James Beard 2024 semi-finalists this year:

  • A distinctive barbecue experience, Convenience West in Marfa showcases the finest of Texas tastes in a relaxed setting.
  • Through its innovative culinaria, Mixtli in San Antonio invites customers on a sensory adventure.
  • Modern American food is reinvented at Houston’s Nancy’s Hustle, which combines comfort and innovation to produce a really remarkable dining experience.
  • Crossing state borders, The Compound in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the only restaurant in a border state to receive a semi-finalist nomination. Its mention highlights the variety and depth of culinary customs found throughout the Southwest.

As we wait impatiently for the James Beard awards this year, these nominations are evidence of Texas’s rich and active culinary scene as well as that of its bordering states. Indulging in modern American food in Houston, discovering progressive tastes in San Antonio, or enjoying barbeque in Marfa—diners can enjoy gastronomic perfection right in their own backyards.

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These nominated restaurants therefore provide a taste of the best in America, right here in Texas, whether you’re a serious foodie or just want to have a memorable dining experience.

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