Stolen Car Suspect Hits Officer Laying Spike Strips During Georgia Chase

A high-speed chase involving a stolen vehicle took a dangerous turn when the suspect struck an officer attempting to deploy spike strips. The incident began when police in a neighboring state identified the stolen car and initiated the pursuit, which quickly crossed into Georgia.

As the chase unfolded, officers attempted to end it by laying spike strips on the road. However, the suspect swerved and hit one of the officers, causing minor injuries. Despite the setback, police continued the pursuit and eventually apprehended the suspect without further incident.

The injured officer received immediate medical attention and is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect faces multiple charges, including vehicle theft, assault on a law enforcement officer, and reckless driving.

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This incident highlights the risks law enforcement officers face during high-speed chases and the importance of coordinated efforts to ensure public safety. Authorities are reviewing the chase procedures to determine if any adjustments are needed to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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