Sophomore Woodstock High School Qualifies for Final Round of Prestigious National 3D Design Competition

Jax Singleton, a sophomore at Woodstock High School, has garnered national recognition for his seminal performance in the Future Engineers-hosted Army Educational Outreach Program Veterans Appreciation Challenge, an esteemed and arduous competition. This recognition situates him among the foremost emerging designers in the nation, emphasizing his exceptional prowess in the field of three-dimensional design.

Participating students in the competition, which is nationwide and accepts students in grades four through twelve, are tasked with developing three-dimensional pin designs that pay tribute to United States military veterans. Jax’s outstanding creation, designated “Veterans for the World,” distinctively encapsulates the essence of the competition through the integration of a laurel wreath encompassing the globe and the word “veteran” inscribed in the red, white, and blue colors of the flag. This design aptly corresponds with the competition’s theme of appreciation by not only commending the contributions of veterans domestically but also their global influence.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Jax is the sole student from Georgia to have advanced to the finals, thereby emphasizing the exceptional quality of his submission in the midst of a large pool of talented young designers. The competition divides submissions into two distinct groups according to grade level: fourth through eighth grade and ninth through twelfth grade. Ten finalists are chosen from each category, underscoring the highly competitive atmosphere of this nationwide occasion.

In his capacity as a finalist, Jax’s design shall be operationalized and dispensed to veterans who pay homage at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio on Memorial Day, as an annual occurrence. This award not only signifies national acclaim for his exceptional design abilities but also presents veterans with a physical token of gratitude, meticulously crafted from the sincere visions of youthful scholars such as himself. In addition, the finalists are awarded a $100 gift certificate for professional 3D printing and five prints of their design, which serves to further inspire them to pursue careers in engineering and design.

This honor is a reflection of Jax’s diligence and ingenuity, in addition to the substantial assistance he obtains from the engineering and technology Career Pathway program at Woodstock High, directed by instructor Melanie Salas. By emphasizing practical skills and real-world applications in technology and design, this program equips students, such as Jax, with the necessary tools to thrive in nationally competitive platforms.

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The triumph of Jax Singleton in this nationwide 3D design competition not only underscores his individual accomplishments and emerging capabilities, but also brings attention to the caliber of instruction and guidance offered at Woodstock High School. Without a doubt, his classmates and future students will be motivated by this achievement to delve deeper into their technological and design passions, challenging the limits of their technical prowess and innovation.

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