Shepherd’s Men March from Canton to Woodstock for Memorial Day

In a powerful tribute to fallen heroes and a demonstration of unwavering support for veterans, Shepherd’s Men will be marching from Canton to Woodstock this Memorial Day. This dedicated group of servicemen and supporters is renowned for their annual multi-day runs and marches aimed at raising awareness and funds for the Shepherd Center’s SHARE Military Initiative, which provides comprehensive rehabilitation for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries and PTSD.

The Memorial Day march is set to cover a significant distance, symbolizing the challenges faced by veterans and the community’s commitment to their recovery. Participants will don weighted packs, further emphasizing the physical and emotional burdens carried by many service members.

Starting in Canton, the march will wind its way through scenic routes, concluding in Woodstock, where the community is invited to join in honoring the bravery and sacrifice of military personnel. Along the route, supporters will have the opportunity to cheer on the marchers, participate in commemorative events, and contribute to the cause.

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Shepherd’s Men’s efforts extend beyond fundraising; they aim to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices made by veterans. This Memorial Day, their march from Canton to Woodstock stands as a poignant reminder of the true cost of freedom and the enduring spirit of those who serve.

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