Sewage Emergency at a Cobb County Motel: A Family Begs for Assistance Amid a Flood of Raw Sewage

An urgent situation is developing in Cobb County, and a family is presently residing at the Economy Hotel in Marietta, where they are confronted with dire circumstances. Having paid $1,200 in advance for a month’s lodging in March, the family is currently confronted with a dire sanitation situation in which their living quarters are inundated with untreated effluent.

The matter, which was exposed a week ago, has swiftly intensified, impacting not only the household accommodations but also their possessions, a portion of which have incurred irreparable damage. Photographic evidence exists to underscore the gravity of the situation, depicting the distressing scenes of effluent circulating through the corridors.

The hotel management has shown resistance towards the family’s requests for assistance, notwithstanding the abhorrent conditions. The couple ensnared in this horror, Mya May-Wiggens and Michael Buttrum, have described the intolerable conditions as waste has seeped so deeply into the walls and floors that cleansing has become futile.

The health hazards associated with this type of exposure compelled the couple to evacuate their infant in search of protection, emphasizing the critical nature of their situation. Their entreaties for internal room changes have been categorically denied by the hotel administration, resulting in their profound resignation. The hotel management has been the target of numerous interventions by the Marietta Police Department in response to this refusal; however, attempts to establish communication have proven fruitless.

In light of the developing crisis, municipal authorities and the Cobb Douglas Public Health Department have been notified, and inquiries are currently in progress to evaluate the circumstances and implement suitable measures. The involvement of the local government highlights the gravity of the health and safety infractions taking place at the Economy Hotel.

The family, whose financial constraints have placed them in this untenable situation, is pleading for assistance. The undue burden imposed on them by the loss of their residence to such hazardous conditions demonstrates that the hotel management has significantly failed in its duty to ensure the health and safety of its guests.

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The community has been outraged and alarmed by this incident, and has demanded immediate action to mitigate the health risks and prevent additional suffering for the affected family and possibly others. The circumstances surrounding the Economy Hotel in Marietta provide a poignant illustration of the critical significance attributed to upholding health and safety protocols within lodging establishments.

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