Protecting Your Child from Hot Cars: Tips as Texas Faces Tragic Statistics

Texas has tragically reported more children dying in hot cars than any other state, highlighting the urgent need for awareness and preventative measures. As temperatures soar, here are crucial tips to safeguard your child:

  1. Look Before You Lock: Always check the back seat before leaving your vehicle. Make it a habit, regardless of how short your trip may be.
  2. Create Reminders: Place an essential item (like a purse or phone) next to your child’s car seat as a reminder that your child is in the back seat.
  3. Keep Vehicles Locked: Ensure cars are locked when not in use to prevent children from entering unattended.
  4. Communicate with Caregivers: Communicate with caregivers about drop-off plans. Ensure they have contact numbers to reach you if routines change.
  5. Use Technology: Utilize car seat alarms or smartphone apps designed to alert you if a child is left in the car.
  6. Teach Children: Teach children not to play in vehicles, as they may inadvertently lock themselves in.
  7. Act Immediately: If you see a child alone in a vehicle, act quickly. Call emergency services right away.

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By staying vigilant and implementing these tips, we can work together to prevent tragedies and protect our children during the sweltering Texas summer.

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