Powder Springs host April lunchtime concerts

This April, Powder Springs, Georgia, will host a series of vibrant lunchtime concerts where locals may bring their lunch and enjoy outdoor entertainment in the center of the neighborhood.

These noon performances, called “Brown Bagging It,” will allow friends, family, and neighbors to relax in Powder Springs’ beautiful setting. These April performances will include local musicians, singers, dancers, and entertainers. There will be a variety of musical styles so everyone may enjoy it.

The tradition of “brown bagging it”—bringing lunch and picnic supplies—adds to the appeal of these events. There are plenty of tasty treats to enjoy while watching the show, including a handmade sandwich, a crisp salad, and a luscious dessert.

The “Brown Bagging It” lunchtime performances celebrate community spirit and wellness as well as entertainment. Residents build genuine relationships and develop the links that make Powder Springs so wonderful as they enjoy the music and fellowship.

The performances will be held at outdoor venues in Powder Springs, giving spectators plenty of space to relax and enjoy the festivities safely. Organizers want everyone to enjoy the concerts safely and responsibly, so they allow for social distance and health requirements.

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As spring flowers and the weather warms, there’s no better time to celebrate community and the simple joys of music, food, and company. The “Brown Bagging It” lunchtime performances are for everyone, whether you’re a Powder Springs native or a newbie.

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