Police Report Two Vehicles Plunge Over Galveston Seawall

In a startling incident, two vehicles have gone over the Galveston seawall, according to local police reports. The unexpected event has prompted an immediate response from emergency services, who are currently at the scene conducting rescue and recovery operations.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, with eyewitnesses reporting that both vehicles appeared to lose control before plunging over the seawall. The exact circumstances leading to the accident remain unclear, and authorities are investigating potential factors such as road conditions, driver error, or mechanical failure.

First responders, including police, fire department personnel, and medical teams, have been working diligently to assist any potential survivors and secure the area. Divers have been deployed to search the waters around the seawall, while tow trucks and cranes are being utilized to recover the submerged vehicles.

Local officials have urged the public to avoid the area to allow emergency crews to work efficiently. They have also advised drivers to exercise caution when traveling near the seawall, especially under potentially hazardous conditions.

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As the investigation continues, updates on the status of the drivers and any passengers, as well as the cause of the incident, are expected to be released. The community remains on edge as they await further information on this alarming event.

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