Opening of a New Jim ‘N Nick’s Restaurant in Marietta

Barbecue devotees in Marietta can anticipate forthcoming developments as construction begins on a new Jim ‘N Nick’s location. The independent dining establishment, which is planned for 3625 Dallas Highway, has the capacity to enchant Marietta with the renowned tastes of Southern barbecue. The establishment’s construction documents indicate that it will have a drive-thru, a bar, alfresco dining, and a spacious main dining area, providing customers with a diverse selection of dining experiences in which to partake in their meals.

Prominent among the barbecue fare at Jim ‘N Nick’s is its delectable menu, which features succulent pork, fragrant beef brisket, delicate turkey, and juicy chicken, among others. Furthermore, the establishment provides a diverse selection of sandwiches, burgers, and appetizing dishes, guaranteeing that every yearning can be adequately fulfilled, in addition to their signature meats.

The inauguration of the new location was eagerly anticipated by Jim ‘N Nick’s President, Brian Lyman, who estimated that it would occur no later than early 2025 or by the end of the year. Lyman underscored the restaurant’s dedication to delivering outstanding culinary experiences in the Atlanta region, proposing that it should accommodate the thriving community of West Cobb. He remarked that Atlanta’s flourishing market condition has positioned Jim ‘N Nick’s for future expansion success.

At the moment, Jim ‘N Nick’s operates in eighteen locations throughout Georgia. Among these, a recently opened location in Warner Robins and an extant presence at 3420 Sandy Plains Road in Marietta are both located in Georgia. The brand started in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1985. After expanding to Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Jim ‘N Nick’s maintains a loyal Southeast customer.

The 2017 purchase by Atlanta-based private equity firm Roark Capital Group solidified Jim ‘N Nick’s status as a leading Southern barbecue purveyor. Since joining Roark Capital Group, Jim ‘N Nick’s has grown while keeping its originality as a BBQ restaurant.

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Both Marietta residents and barbecue fans eagerly await the grand opening of the new Jim ‘N Nick’s location. The restaurant is known for its delicious food and inviting ambiance. With its focus to quality, community participation, and food, Jim ‘N Nick’s is poised to become Marietta’s most esteemed eating destination.

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