Numerous Rock-Throwing Intruders Strike Cobb County

Businesses in Cobb County have been subjected to a string of audacious intrusions in which the assailant entered using concrete slabs as his preferred implement. Due to this series of heinous crimes, local businesses are on high alert.

Demarko Traylor, the identified perpetrator, allegedly targeted a minimum of five distinct establishments between April 1 and April 7 during the first week of April. Traylor was allegedly released from detention subsequent to his apprehension and charging for the initial series of break-ins. Arrest warrants indicate that he subsequently engaged in further criminal activity by breaking into two more businesses. He is currently incarcerated once more on suspicion of the second series of burglaries.

Goody’s Barbershop and Braiding Salon, which was commemorating its 23rd anniversary on the day of the intrusion, was one of the local establishments that were impacted. Mr. Goody, the proprietor of the salon, furnished Michele Newell, chief of the Cobb County Bureau of Channel 2, with security footage capturing the occurrence. The video allegedly documented Traylor entering the establishment and appropriating the business phone, which was a mobile. Thankfully, no currency was stolen, since they do not leave money in the shop overnight, as Mr. Goody pointed out, and it is a cash-only establishment.

During his rampage, Traylor is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from additional businesses, including a grocery store. Traylor’s offenses were observed to have been carried out from the same knapsack, which investigators discovered containing a black face mask, a rock, a brick, a glove, and a face mask. This pattern implies that he approached his targets with forethought, employing simple yet effective tools to breach and enter.

Mr. Goody articulated his discontentment regarding the circumstances, drawing attention to a more significant societal concern: “You have the opportunity to acquire forklift driving skills at one of these facilities if you are capable of ambulating the town without a book backpack laden with rocks the entire night. Consider getting a job. “Be socially productive,” he advised.

The blatant nature of these crimes, which disrupt local commerce and foster an environment of insecurity, has increased community concern. Businesses are being advised by law enforcement to maintain a state of alertness and contemplate augmenting their security protocols, including the installation of durable locks, improved illumination, and surveillance cameras.

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In the interim, while Traylor awaits the outcome of additional legal proceedings, the Cobb County authorities are bolstering their endeavors to deter similar incidents in an effort to restore the confidence of local businesses and residents. Concurrently, the community comes together in solidarity, urging for increased investment in social programs and security measures to deter criminal activity and tackle root causes.

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