Mynd Immersive Introduces XR Therapy Program for Cherokee Elder Care Seniors

In a pioneering move, Mynd Immersive, a leading provider of VR-based digital therapeutic experiences for the elderly, has launched an innovative XR Therapy program in collaboration with Cherokee Elder Care (CEC) based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. This partnership signifies a significant advancement as it marks the first instance of CEC incorporating VR therapy into its services for senior citizens, demonstrating a commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions for enhancing their well-being.

CEC, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Cherokee Nation, offers long-term care options to individuals who meet specific criteria, irrespective of their Native American heritage. By introducing VR therapy, CEC is reinforcing its dedication to providing holistic care and improving the quality of life for its senior residents.

The collaboration between Mynd Immersive and Swift Creek, a Native-owned business specializing in innovative solutions for Indian Country, played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of the XR Therapy program. Backed by extensive research, Mynd Immersive’s VR therapy has shown promising results in improving mood, reducing isolation, and strengthening relationships between seniors and their caregivers.

Chris Brickler, CEO of Mynd Immersive, expressed optimism about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to positively impact seniors enrolled in CEC’s PACE program. He reiterated Mynd Immersive’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the lives of older adults and hailed the collaboration with CEC as a significant step forward in achieving that goal.

As part of Cherokee Elder Care’s ongoing efforts to prioritize the well-being of its senior citizens, the introduction of VR therapy represents a comprehensive approach to addressing their needs. Through carefully curated immersive experiences, CEC aims to provide participants with personalized therapeutic interventions tailored to their preferences and requirements.

Connie Davis RN, MSN, Executive Director of Cherokee Elder Care, shared insights into the early success of Mynd Immersive’s technology, noting significant improvements in standing endurance time in the Occupational Therapy department. This underscores the potential of VR therapy to enhance physical and cognitive functioning among senior individuals.

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Edith Baker, Partner at Swift Creek, emphasized the importance of providing tribal citizens with access to innovative technologies and commended Mynd Immersive for its dedication to serving Cherokee elders. The collaborative efforts between Mynd Immersive, CEC, and Swift Creek underscore a collective commitment to advancing the well-being of Native American seniors through pioneering therapeutic interventions.

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