Marietta Teacher Becomes Finalist for Georgia’s Best Teacher Award

Candace Torrence, a 14-year veteran educator in Marietta City Schools, has been named a finalist for the esteemed title of Georgia Teacher of the Year. Her dedication to innovative teaching strategies and fostering an inclusive learning environment has set her apart as an exceptional educator.

At Burruss Elementary School, where Torrence teaches in the gifted program, she has been recognized for her inspirational qualities and commitment to student success.

Torrence’s journey to becoming a finalist began with her selection as the Marietta City Schools Teacher of the Year. This honor was a testament to her innovative teaching methods and her ability to create a supportive and empowering educational atmosphere. Colleagues and administrators praised Torrence for her ability to engage students and push them to reach their maximum potential.

During her tenure at Burruss Elementary School, Torrence has made significant contributions to the school community. She initiated and sponsored the school’s first Beta Club, providing students with opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Additionally, Torrence serves as a sponsor of the drama club, enriching students’ experiences through the performing arts.

Georgia Schools Superintendent Richard Woods commended Torrence for her passion and dedication to her students’ education. He highlighted her commitment to building meaningful relationships with students and families, as well as her efforts to push students to reach their full potential.

Torrence’s dedication to her students extends beyond the classroom, as she strives to create a platform where each student’s unique gifts can shine.

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Torrence credits her aunt, Annie Ruggs, a teacher in Alabama, as her inspiration for pursuing a career in education. She acknowledges the importance of having a supportive mentor and strives to instill the same sense of passion and dedication in her students. For Torrence, the true joy of teaching comes from the breakthroughs and successes that she and her students achieve together.

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