Marietta School Board to Address Cell Phone Usage Impact on Student Learning

The Marietta Board of Education is set to convene a special-called retreat to delve into the topic of cell phone usage within two of its schools, the Marietta Sixth Grade Academy and Marietta Middle School. Scheduled for Wednesday, this focused discussion underscores the growing concern surrounding device usage among students in the sixth through eighth grades.

Superintendent Grant Rivera emphasized the importance of addressing cell phone usage, noting its pervasive presence among middle school students and its potential impact on their learning environment. Recognizing the ubiquitous attachment to cell phones, Rivera stressed the need for a proactive approach to understanding and mitigating the challenges posed by this technology.

While the meeting aims to foster dialogue on the implications of cell phone usage, Rivera clarified that it will not lead to immediate policy changes. Presently, students are expected to keep their cell phones turned off and out of sight during school hours. However, Rivera acknowledged the ongoing struggle faced by teachers when students’ phones become a distraction in the classroom.

The primary focus of the discussion is to assess the disruptive effects of cell phones on student learning and explore strategies to safeguard educational environments. Rivera expressed a desire to engage the board in a constructive conversation about enhancing student well-being and preserving the integrity of the learning process.

Key considerations include identifying measures to minimize distractions caused by cell phones, as well as addressing the potential negative influence of social media on school dynamics. By fostering a collaborative dialogue, the board seeks to formulate effective approaches to support teachers and protect the educational interests of students.

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The retreat will take place at 11 a.m. at 250 Howard Street in Marietta, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to come together and explore proactive solutions to the challenges posed by cell phone usage in schools. As the discussion unfolds, there is a shared commitment to promoting a conducive learning environment that prioritizes student engagement and academic success.

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