Marietta High School Seniors Fly to San Antonio for Capstone

Three Marietta High School graduates take their first flight this weekend. Angeles Mendez, Santiago Roque Rios, and Lariyah Ivory, along with 10 other Marietta Mentoring for Leadership seniors, will travel to San Antonio for a thrilling and eye-opening capstone trip.

Beverly McAfee, regarded as “the mother of Marietta,” founded the Marietta Mentoring for Leadership program in 2010 to match high-potential, under-resourced adolescents with dedicated adult mentors. After school, these mentors serve as role models and help students navigate high school and beyond.

Executive Director Kristen Thompson praises the program’s mentors and their good impact on students. The 2,600-student program brings together children from different backgrounds and cliques.

100% of program participants have graduated from Marietta High School for four years, proving its success. With mentor and peer support, Mendez, Ivory, and Rios prepare to fly and chase their aspirations.

The community and Southwest Airlines donations fund the seniors’ capstone trip to San Antonio, allowing them to experience new things and make memories. The students’ agenda is full of action, from touring the Alamo and Mission San Jose to biking and river cruising through the city’s unique culture.

Meghan Daniel, the activities coordinator, calls this trip the seniors’ “last hurrah”—a last chance to engage with their peers and learn about the world beyond high school. It reminds them that with hard work and assistance, they can do anything.

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As Mendez, Ivory, Rios, and their fellow seniors leave, they take with them Marietta Mentoring for Leadership courses and connections. As they wander San Antonio, they’ll realize the world is big and full of possibilities. Visit to learn more about the program or become involved, honoring Beverly McAfee and the transformative impact of mentorship.

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