Learn How to Make Hominy at Hunter’s Home Workshop on March 23

Are you inquisitive approximately how individuals in the 19th century made their nourishment? If so, stamp your calendars for Walk 23 since Hunter’s Domestic in Stop Slope is facilitating an extraordinary workshop all around making hominy. Hominy was a huge portion of people’s diets back at that point since corn was all over. It was more than fair a feast – it was a way to make corn more nutritious, protect it, and make it taste delicious.

At the workshop, you’ll get to learn three diverse ways to make hominy. It’s like taking a step back in time to see how individuals utilize to cook. And the best portion? You’ll indeed get to taste a few pork and hominy! It’s a chance to encounter what people in the 19th century might have delighted in for dinner.

Now, let’s conversation approximately how you can connect in on the fun. If you’re a part of the Oklahoma Chronicled Society, it’ll fetch you $20. If you’re not a part, the cost is $25. But here’s the capture – spots are restricted! So, you’ve got to call ahead and save your spot. Keep in mind, that once you pay, it’s non-refundable.

Hunter’s Domestic is more than fair a put to learn about history – it’s a piece of history itself. Built around 1845, it survived the American Respectful War and still stands glad nowadays. Back in the day, it was where the favored Cherokee people hung out. Presently, it’s claimed by the state and is indeed a National Noteworthy Landmark.

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So, if you’re up for a bit of time travel through nourishment, this workshop is for you. Come learn, taste, and encounter a small cut of 19th-century life at Hunter’s Domestic. Who knows, you might indeed find a modern favorite dish!

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