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The Stonebraker family is using their own hardship in Woodstock to raise money and awareness for hydrocephalus research, therefore becoming a ray of hope for others. Since Ashtyn Leigh Stonebraker, age five, was diagnosed with this difficult brain disorder at birth, her family has been determined to support others going through similar struggles in addition to managing Ashtyn’s own health.

More than a million Americans have hydrocephalus, a disorder characterized by a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Ashtyn has had ten brain surgeries in all, six of which have happened in the last five months. Her path has been especially difficult. Because of the potential for fatal consequences, hydrocephalus complications need for continuous medical attention to avoid serious consequences.

A painful birth at 33 weeks along with a grade three bilateral hemorrhage in her ventricles later on exacerbated Ashtyn’s illness. At just one month old, Ashtyn had a shunt placed into her brain to help control the illness. Though it can save lives, this device is not a panacea and may malfunction and require more procedures.

Ashtyn’s mother Lisa Jean Stonebraker notes that Ashtyn did well at first even with the high risk of shunt failure, particularly in the first two years. By the time she was three, though, the truth of her illness had crept back in, necessitating many shunt revision procedures. For the Stonebraker family, this continuing medical story has been an emotional rollercoaster that has pushed them to look for better answers and assistance from groups like the Hydrocephalus Association.

The Hydrocephalus Association, with its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, is leading the way in study to improve treatment choices for people who are afflicted and find a cure. Lisa is a big supporter of the group and hopes that future developments would spare other families the suffering they have gone through.

It is quite amazing how resilient Ashtyn has been in the face of her medical difficulties. Described by her parents as “resilient, happy, and always smiling,” she demonstrates her unwavering energy by participating fully in soccer, gymnastics, and kindergarten. Her twin brother Zephyn and the dynamics of their two-mom household have also been altered by her illness and regular hospital stays.

The Stonebrakers are walking in the Atlanta Walk to End Hydrocephalus on September 28 at Alexander Park in Lawrenceville in order to support the cause. The community has a vital chance to mobilize support for study and maybe revolutionary treatments at this event.

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Donations can be given straight to the cause for individuals who are unable to attend the walk and would like to support essential research and support services. A potent reminder of the need of teamwork in addressing health issues is the Stonebraker family’s dedication to increasing awareness and encouraging community involvement.

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