Home Depot Employee Implicated in $18K Merchandise Theft Scheme with Contractors

An individual who formerly worked for Home Depot in Cobb County is under suspicion for coordinating a larceny scheme that resulted in the delivery of stolen merchandise valued at around $18,000 to local contractors. Orin Turner, the former employee, was implicated in multiple transactions involving the loading of stolen merchandise onto a contractor’s vehicle outside the Home Depot on Cumberland Parkway, according to police and court documents.

According to Channel 2 Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell, the police investigation revealed Turner met with contractor Julius Peterson at least eight times to transfer stolen items, including cases of porcelain tile, containers of paint, and pallets of drywall. Turner allegedly loaded the items using a forklift during these meetings in order to simulate a legitimate transaction.

Turner, as discovered by investigators, admitted to earning approximately $400 per order through these illegal transactions. Peterson, for his part, disclosed to authorities that he had obtained the pilfered goods from Turner and had since traded them for monetary compensation with other contractors.

An internal investigation by the retail crime branch of Home Depot, which observed Turner loading goods into Peterson’s vehicle and trailer, brought the case to light. The aforementioned internal investigation was pivotal in detecting the vulnerabilities in their operational security and ultimately resulted in Turner and Peterson being charged with criminal offenses.

The ramifications of these robberies transcend the retailer’s urgent financial setbacks. Wali Sabir, an accomplished contractor boasting more than five decades of experience, conveyed his apprehensions to Newell. Sabir underscored the wider ramifications of retail larceny on the community, placing particular emphasis on the fact that it results in escalated prices for consumers and tarnishes the reputation of diligent professionals within the sector.

Turner and Peterson have been charged with numerous offenses in connection with the larceny and distribution of stolen property. In pursuit of additional details, Newell visited Turner’s residence, where she was apprised by a female resident that he had vacated. Further attempts to obtain a comment from Peterson were unsuccessful.

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This occurrence highlights the persistent obstacles that retail behemoths such as Home Depot encounter when attempting to prevent internal larceny and external collusion. Furthermore, it highlights the critical necessity for rigorous background checks and stringent security protocols in order to protect against fraudulent activities that not only have a negative financial impact on the organization but also jeopardize the well-being of trustworthy employees and clients.

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