Georgia Woman Breaks 40-Year-Old State Fishing Record with 33-Pound Catch

Lauren E. Harden of St. Mary’s made history on May 24 by reeling in a massive 33-pound, 10.72-ounce crevalle jack off the coast of Cumberland Island, Georgia. This impressive catch broke a women’s state saltwater fish record that had stood since 1981.

The previous record for a crevalle jack was held for over four decades, making Harden’s accomplishment even more remarkable. Officials from the Georgia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that Harden’s record-breaking feat will be honored with a certificate signed by Governor Brian Kemp, DNR Commissioner Walter Rabon, and Coastal Resources Division (CRD) Director Doug Haymans.

Crevalle jacks are native to tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Known for their strength and size, these fish can grow up to 70 pounds and reach lengths of four feet. Harden’s catch, while not the maximum size for the species, is still a significant achievement in the angling community.

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This record-breaking catch not only highlights the rich marine life off the Georgia coast but also celebrates the dedication and skill of local anglers. Harden’s achievement is a testament to the exciting opportunities for fishing enthusiasts in the region.

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