Georgia Students Make Waves with Innovative Inventions at National Convention

Four Georgia students have captured national attention at the RTX Invention Convention U.S. Nationals, showcasing their ingenuity among over 78 top K-12 inventors. Held recently, the event awarded more than 80 honors, including cash prizes and patent applications.

Anna and Nellie, fourth graders from Hiram, earned the prestigious Inclusion Award for their app, Grocery Eyes, designed to enhance grocery shopping independence for the blind. Their inspiration stemmed from a blindfolded obstacle course in their gifted class.

Meanwhile, Nathan and William, 11th graders from Kennesaw, impressed judges with The Corder, winning first place in their category and the Best Live Presentation Award. Their invention revolutionizes music education, addressing the challenge of engaging students with traditional instruments.

Participants advance through local and regional competitions, presenting videos, prototypes, inventor’s logbooks, and detailed posters showcasing their innovations.

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The Invention Convention emphasizes inclusive, creative learning to empower students, fostering problem-solving skills and encouraging diverse voices in innovation.

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