Georgia Parents Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse Involving Their Toddler

A shocking case in Georgia has led to the arrest of a couple accused of child sexual abuse. Ashlee Crawley, 26, and James Tripp, 29, were taken into custody after police received a tip that they attempted to solicit men online to engage in sexual acts with their 2-year-old daughter. The couple allegedly used the online chat platform MeetMe for this disturbing purpose.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that Crawley had been creating sexually explicit “content” and selling it on various online applications. Shockingly, some of these videos featured her own children, including the 2-year-old, deliberately included to increase profits.

Tripp, on the other hand, was making plans and seeking Crawley’s permission to have sex with his own 2-year-old daughter. The gravity of their actions led to the removal of all the children from their home, and they are now in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services.

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Both Crawley and Tripp have been booked into the Columbia County Jail and are expected to face additional charges.

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