Fugitive Leader of NYC Migrant Moped Gang Apprehended After Three Months on the Run

The long arm of the law finally caught up with Victor Parra, the fugitive ringleader of an interstate migrant moped gang that terrorized the streets of New York City, bringing an end to his three-month stint on the lam. Parra, 30, was apprehended by NYPD officers in the Bronx last week, putting an end to his reign of criminal activity, as revealed by law enforcement sources.

Parra, a prominent figure in the ruthless gang known for peddling stolen goods across state lines, was nabbed by authorities while riding a moped without a helmet. The scooter he was riding bore Texas plates, hinting at the gang’s wide-reaching operations.

Working alongside Franco Alexander Peraza Navas, who was apprehended in February, Parra played a pivotal role in orchestrating the illicit operation from a Bronx apartment. Their nefarious activities involved trafficking stolen goods to cohorts in Florida and connections in South America, contributing to a web of criminality that spanned multiple states.

Law enforcement sources underscored the importance of enforcing minor violations such as helmet laws, emphasizing their role in apprehending individuals involved in more significant criminal enterprises. “We got the bad guy,” remarked one source, highlighting the effectiveness of targeted enforcement in dismantling criminal networks.

Parra, a Venezuelan migrant, had evaded capture by fleeing the city as law enforcement closed in on the gang’s operations. He sought refuge in Chicago and Miami before ultimately returning to the five boroughs, where NYPD officers were waiting to apprehend him.

The brazenness of the gang was evident in Navas’s boastful remarks to law enforcement following his arrest, reflecting their audacity and disregard for the law. Despite attempts to evade justice, Parra and Navas now face charges related to possession of stolen property and other offenses.

The criminal activities of the moped gang extended beyond theft and trafficking, with allegations of involvement in carjackings, armed robberies, and even smuggling migrants into the country illegally. The proceeds from their illicit endeavors were used to fund extravagant lifestyles, including the construction of luxury amenities overseas.

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As Parra sits in custody on Rikers Island, his apprehension serves as a testament to law enforcement’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of communities. With the ringleader behind bars, authorities continue their efforts to dismantle the criminal network and bring justice to those affected by their actions.

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