Fox News Host Talks to Republican Senator About Criticizing Judge Merchant’s Family!

While former President Donald Trump was in Manhattan on trial for criminal charges, Fox News host Benjamin Hall asked Senator Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida, if he planned to go after Judge Juan Merchan’s family. Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential candidate in 2024, went on trial last month as the first former president in U.S. history to be charged with a crime.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office looked into Trump’s payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels for hush money during his 2016 presidential campaign and arrested him in March 2023 on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Donald Trump has claimed that he had an affair with Daniels in 2006. On all charges, the former president has pleaded not guilty and said the case against him is politically driven.

Trump’s longtime friend and supporter Scott showed up to the former president’s trial on Thursday to show his support. He then criticized the daughter of Merchan, the judge who is in charge of Trump’s hush money case.

“The judge’s daughter is a political operative and raises money for Democrats,” Scott noted. A Fox News reporter stepping in for Shannon Bream on Fox News Sunday asked Scott, “Why did you choose to go to court with the president this week and then go after the judge’s family on purpose?”

“He replied, “The Democrats are using the courts to go after and prosecute criminally a political opponent.” “They’re just thugs trying to stop Trump from being able to run for president.” What the Florida congressman said about Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, was then repeated.

Fox News Host Talks to Republican Senator About Criticizing Judge Merchant's Family


The judge’s daughter raises a lot of money for Democrats. He said, “Everyone involved is part of the Democratic machine.” “It looks horrible.” Democratic leaders, on the other hand, say there is no plot against Trump and that the former president is being treated the same as any other American who has been accused of a crime. That’s Loren Merchan. Politico reported in June 2022 that Loren Merchan was the president and partner of Authentic Campaigns, a progressive political consulting company.

Former Vice President Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign, Kamala Harris for the People, the Biden-Harris campaign, and California Representative Adam Schiff’s Super Political Action Committee (PAC) are all customers of Authentic Campaigns. Another old January 2019 announcement named Loren Merchan as the head of digital persuasion for the “Kamala Harris for the People” campaign.

Her past jobs, such as vice president and director of digital advertising at Authentic Campaigns, were listed below her name and title. In March, Merchan gave Trump a gag order that said he couldn’t say anything in public about Potential Witnesses, Jurors, Merchan, himself, Bragg, or anyone else involved in the case. Judge Merchan had the order increased to protect his family and Bragg’s family after Trump attacked Loren Merchan on social media.

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