Former Custodian Allegedly Forges Timesheets, Steals Thousands from Cobb County High School

In a startling case of fraud and theft, a former custodian at a Cobb County high school stands accused of creating fake timesheets and embezzling thousands of dollars from the school. The allegations have shocked the local community and raised serious concerns about internal controls within the school district.

According to investigators, the scheme involved the custodian submitting falsified timesheets over an extended period, claiming hours that were never worked. The fraudulent activities reportedly went undetected for months, allowing the suspect to siphon off a significant amount of money. It was only during a routine audit that discrepancies were noticed, prompting a deeper investigation into the custodian’s records.

The accused, who had been employed at the school for several years, was trusted by colleagues and administrators alike. This trust, however, appears to have been exploited in a calculated attempt to defraud the school system. The exact amount stolen has yet to be disclosed, but authorities suggest it runs into several thousands of dollars.

The school district has vowed to tighten its financial oversight procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Enhanced auditing processes and stricter supervision of timesheet submissions are among the measures being implemented. The district also plans to provide additional training for staff to recognize and report suspicious activities.

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The former custodian has been arrested and is facing multiple charges, including theft by deception and forgery. This case highlights the importance of vigilance and robust internal controls in safeguarding public funds and ensuring the integrity of educational institutions.

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