Five Students from UGA Took a Road Trip. They Were Heroes when They Got Home!

Townelaker The University of Georgia recently witnessed a remarkable story of heroism involving five first-year students, affectionately dubbed the “Fearless Five” by the university. What started as an exciting road trip for these young women turned into a life-saving mission that would be recognized by Governor Brian Kemp for their bravery.

On the Friday afternoon before St. Patrick’s Day, the five friends, all members of the same sorority, embarked on a journey from Athens to Savannah, eager to join the holiday festivities. Little did they know, their trip would take an unexpected turn that would test their courage and quick thinking.

As they drove along a rural road in Burke County south of Augusta, they encountered a scene that would haunt them forever. An SUV had veered off the road and landed in a creek, partially submerged and with a frantic mother on top, desperately calling for help. Without hesitation, the students sprang into action.

18-year-old Clarke Jones, a business major from Macon, was driving when they spotted the vehicle in distress. She immediately pulled over, and along with her friend Molly McCollum, assessed the situation. They discovered that the woman’s two young sons, eight-year-old Korben, and four-year-old James, were trapped inside the sinking SUV.

McCollum, a biochemistry major from Birmingham, and the other students did not hesitate to enter the chilly water to assist. Despite feeling helpless at times, they persevered, determined to save the lives of the trapped children. McCollum’s background as a summer camp lifeguard proved invaluable as she searched underwater for the youngest child.

In a moment of sheer bravery, Jones, who had prior CPR training, performed chest compressions on top of the vehicle to revive one of the boys who had stopped breathing. The emotional ordeal lasted only a few minutes, but the impact on everyone involved was profound.

Thanks to the quick thinking and selfless actions of these five students, both children and their mother were rescued and taken to a hospital. The youngest child was kept overnight for observation but was released the next day, much to the relief of everyone involved.

Their actions did not go unnoticed. Sergeant Michael Ford of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office commended the students for their extraordinary heroism, stating that they had saved lives through their quick and selfless actions. Governor Kemp is expected to honor them for their bravery, recognizing them as shining examples of the best qualities of the University of Georgia.

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Five Students from UGA Took a Road Trip. They Were Heroes when They Got Home!

As they reflect on their harrowing experience, the Fearless Five are grateful for their bond and the lessons learned. They realize that life can change in a matter of seconds and that moments of crisis can bring out the best in people. Their story serves as a reminder to all of us to be prepared to act courageously when faced with adversity.

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