Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Leadership Workshop in Oneida

Calling all women entrepreneurs in Oneida! Get ready to level up your leadership chops with a special factory designed just for you. The” Women in Business Leadership Workshop Leading with Head, Heart, and Spirit” is set to inspire and empower womanish business possessors to reach new heights of success.

Mark your timetables for April 4th, from 830a.m. to 1230p.m., at the major Oneida Community Mansion House, located at 170 Kenwood Ave. This factory, hosted by the WISE Women’s Business Center and The mecca, promises to be a transformative experience for all attendees.

Leading the factory is none other than Gwen Webber- Mcleod, the recognized chairman & CEO of Gwen, Inc. With her wealth of experience in leadership development, Gwen will guide actors through practicable strategies to enhance their leadership effectiveness. From prostrating challenges to inspiring brigades, attendees will gain inestimable perceptivity to propel their businesses forward.

But this factory is not just about literacy; it’s about connecting with suchlike- inclined individualities and erecting a probative community. Actors will have the occasion to engage in practical sessions and networking conditioning, all while enjoying a succulent breakfast handed by Sweet Life of Baker.

Spaces for this exclusive event are limited, so be sure to secure your spot by registering early via dispatch [email protected]. Do not miss this chance to invest in yourself and your business with the support of the Central New York Community Foundation.

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Join us as we come together to celebrate the strength, adaptability, and leadership of women entrepreneurs in Oneida. Together, we’ll chart a course for success and inspire each other to reach for the stars. See you there!

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