Elderly Woman Scammed Out of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars: Arrest Made

In Cherokee County, an 80-year-old resident fell victim to a sophisticated scam orchestrated by a man claiming to be from Amazon. The caller informed her that her identity had been stolen and urged her to take immediate action to secure her finances. The situation escalated when she spoke to an individual posing as a representative from the United States Treasury Department. This person convinced her to purchase three gift cards totaling $1,500 and wire $50,000 to a New York bank.

As the scam unfolded, the woman was coerced into buying $100,000 worth of gold for an associate. Subsequently, she was instructed to transfer $200,000 from an annuity to her checking account to acquire even more gold. Fortunately, she confided in a family member who promptly contacted the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

On April 26, authorities arrested 27-year-old Parth Patel from Ontario, Canada. He faces charges of felony criminal attempt and conspiracy to commit a crime. Detectives suspect Patel was a lower-level participant in a larger international scheme, with the main culprits residing in India and the United Kingdom.

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The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department emphasizes that citizens should call 911 if they encounter suspicious phone or internet interactions that may involve scams1.

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