Dunwoody Elementary School Names New Principal in the Wake of Student Threat Incident

After a kid allegedly made a threat off campus on March 15, the leadership of Dunwoody Elementary School is being replaced. In an email to the school community, principal LaTonya Jones-Gray announced her resignation, citing a new job she has starting April 1 within the school system.

According to Jones-Gray’s statement, the danger was first reported to school personnel on March 18 and happened outside of school grounds. Two students were engaged in the event; they exchanged threats via private text messages, which were then uploaded on several social media sites. The student(s) in question were being disciplined appropriately, she told the parents, in line with the DCSD Student Code of Conduct.

Jones-Gray expressed regret for the inconvenience caused by the incident’s delayed notification and reaffirmed the school’s commitment to giving parents full and accurate information. Some parents were unhappy with how quickly they were notified; they got the incident-related email one day after it was dated.

Jones-Gray notified parents of her resignation as principal along with the threat event statement; her replacement is scheduled to start on April 1. Until a permanent successor is chosen, Mindee Adamson, a previous principle at Oak Grove primary, will serve as interim principal, according to Beth Kyle, superintendent for area one primary schools in the district.

After additional contemplation and a desire to respect the school’s integrity, Jones-Gray stated in a later post that her leaving date from Dunwoody Elementary would be April 29. During this time of transition, she promised to work closely with Interim Principal Mindee Adamson to make sure everything goes well.

Parents are wondering why Jones-Gray decided to quit her position and when she did so since none of the emails addressing her resignation mentioned the event that happened on March 15.

Police in Dunwoody were in the dark about the danger until a worried parent brought it up a few days later, according to Chief Billy Grogan. He made it clear that the School Police are in charge of investigating cases involving threats, and that the Dunwoody Police Department only acts when asked for help by the DeKalb County School Police.

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We are all committed to making sure that everyone at Dunwoody Elementary School is safe and sound while we go through this change and deal with the aftermath of the recent threat situation.

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