Dramatic Arrest: Car Thieves Nabbed After High-Speed Chase in Cobb County

In a heart-pounding pursuit, Cobb County police apprehended three suspects attempting to steal cars from an apartment complex. The investigation began when an officer responded to a car theft report at the Town Center at Cobb parking lot on April 20. The stolen vehicle was later spotted near George Busbee Parkway and Frey Road, triggering a chase.

Dashcam footage captured the intense pursuit as the suspects fled on foot. Two were swiftly apprehended by officers, while a third was caught by Kennesaw police approximately 25 minutes later. The recovered vehicles included a stolen BMW and a Mustang.

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The officers’ triumphant words, “I got him,” echoed through the woods as they located one suspect hiding. The charges against the trio remain undisclosed, but justice is now in motion for their alleged car theft spree.

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