Cobb County Cuisine: Health Inspection Scores Reveal Restaurant Standards

Between June 14 and June 20, Cobb County’s dining scene underwent rigorous health inspections, with scores revealing the dedication to food safety across the region. These evaluations ensure that residents and visitors alike can enjoy meals with peace of mind, knowing that their chosen establishments prioritize cleanliness and hygiene.

Among the standout performers was “Bella Italia,” an Italian restaurant in Marietta, which earned a near-perfect score of 98. The inspectors praised its immaculate kitchen, proper food storage, and excellent employee hygiene practices. Similarly, “Green Leaf Bistro” in Smyrna achieved a commendable 96, thanks to its commitment to fresh, well-prepared ingredients and sanitary conditions.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Sunny’s Diner” in Kennesaw received a score of 78, indicating several areas for improvement. Inspectors noted issues such as improper food temperatures and inadequate handwashing facilities, highlighting the need for swift corrective actions to maintain customer trust and safety.

Fast food chains weren’t exempt from scrutiny either. A local “Burger Town” franchise scored an 83, with infractions including cross-contamination risks and outdated food safety training for employees. These findings emphasize the importance of continuous education and adherence to safety protocols, regardless of the establishment’s size or type.

The health department’s transparent reporting provides invaluable insights for consumers making dining decisions. By consistently monitoring and publishing these scores, Cobb County ensures that food service providers remain vigilant and uphold the highest standards.

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For diners, these scores serve as a guide to making informed choices, whether they are seeking a five-star meal or a quick bite. The recent inspections underscore the dynamic nature of food safety, reminding all involved—from restaurant owners to patrons—of the collective effort required to maintain high standards in the culinary community.

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