Cobb County Courier’s Cat of the Day: Meet Pumpkin!

Today’s spotlight shines on Pumpkin, a delightful feline seeking a caring home. Featured in the Cobb County Courier, Pumpkin’s endearing personality and need for affection make her a standout among cats in search of forever homes.

Pumpkin is a lovable companion, known for her friendly demeanor and playful nature. Her vibrant orange coat and captivating green eyes make her an irresistible addition to any household.

Despite her charm, Pumpkin finds herself without a permanent family to call her own. Yearning for a loving environment where she can thrive, Pumpkin eagerly awaits the opportunity to shower her new family with affection.

For those interested in providing Pumpkin with the loving home she deserves, the Cobb County Animal Shelter stands ready to facilitate the adoption process. With the potential to bring boundless joy and companionship, Pumpkin eagerly anticipates finding her forever family.

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By spreading the word about Pumpkin’s quest for a home, we can increase the chances of her finding a loving family. Together, let’s make Pumpkin’s dreams a reality and ensure she finds the warmth and care she longs for.

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