Chick-fil-A says they’re going to change the chicken they serve

Chick-fil-A, the famous fast-food chain, has announced that it will be making some changes to the chicken it serves. Instead of using a method called No Antibiotics Ever (NAE), they’re going to start using something called No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine (NAIHM).

What’s the difference? Well, NAE means they never use antibiotics on the chickens. But with NAIHM, they’ll only use antibiotics that aren’t crucial for human health. They’ll only give these antibiotics to the chickens if they get sick or if there’s a risk of illness spreading.

Why are they making this change? Chick-fil-A says it’s because of the supply. To make sure they always have enough high-quality chicken for their customers, they need to adjust how they raise the chickens. It’s about keeping up with demand while still providing top-notch food.

To ensure they’re doing right by the animals, Chick-fil-A has set up a group called the Animal Wellbeing Council. This council consists of experts from outside the company. They’ll help Chick-fil-A make sure their policies and practices regarding animal welfare are up to scratch.

But don’t worry, Chick-fil-A isn’t compromising on quality. They’re still committed to serving the best food possible. This change is just one way they’re striving to balance quality, sustainability, and meeting the needs of their customers.

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In essence, Chick-fil-A’s decision to switch to NAIHM chicken reflects their dedication to responsible sourcing practices while keeping their chicken supply steady. It’s a move towards sustainability and ethical business conduct that aims to satisfy both their customers and their commitment to quality.

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