Carter Talks with People at Town Hall Meeting

Cherokee County Commissioner Benny Carter recently held a town hall meeting at the Heritage Club clubhouse in Canton’s River Green subdivision, where he engaged with around 35 residents from his district. The meeting, which took place on March 21, aimed to give locals a chance to connect directly with Carter and learn more about county services, the economy, and community life.

Carter emphasized the reasons people choose to live in Cherokee County, highlighting its proximity to Atlanta, low taxes, and high-quality public services. He stressed the importance of public safety as a foundation for the county’s quality of life.

Sheriff Frank Reynolds, who attended the meeting, was praised by Carter for leading a department that focuses on community engagement and uses advanced technology. Reynolds addressed concerns about speeding and reckless driving, which are common issues reported to the sheriff’s office.

One of the main topics of discussion was managing the county’s growth. Carter acknowledged the strain rapid population growth puts on public services and the need for careful planning to maintain the county’s quality of life. He mentioned ongoing efforts by him and other commissioners to address challenges like road maintenance, affordable housing, and balancing services with low taxes.

Residents, like Bruce Springer, found the town hall meeting useful for staying informed about local issues. Springer emphasized the importance of being informed to make a difference in the community.

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Carter, who lives in Sutallee with his wife Karen, expressed his commitment to holding regular town hall meetings to keep residents informed and engaged. He represents District 3 of Cherokee County, which includes Sutallee, as well as parts of Woodstock and Holly Springs. With a population of around 280,000 people, District 3 offers a mix of urban conveniences and small-town charm.

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