Canton’s Sunnyside Community Poised for Pedestrian Bridge Development

Canton’s Sunnyside community may soon witness a transformative addition with plans underway for a new pedestrian bridge across Canton Creek. Presented to the Canton City Council on May 2nd, the proposed project aims to enhance pedestrian access and connectivity in the area.

The city council deliberated on a potential $810,800 contract with Practical Design Partners for project design services and construction management, setting the stage for a significant infrastructure development pending approval on May 16th.

Funded by a $2.2 million grant from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget for Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionately Impacted Communities, the project envisions constructing a pedestrian bridge over Canton Creek, adjacent to the Marietta Road Bridge. This vital addition promises improved pedestrian access for the Sunnyside community, facilitating easier navigation to key destinations such as the Salvation Army and Family Dollar development on the west side of Marietta Road.

In addition to the bridge, the project entails installing a pedestrian crossing with flashing beacons at Marietta Road and Longview Street, along with constructing a sidewalk along the west side from the Marietta Road and Hickory Flat Highway intersection to the driveway across from Goss Street. These enhancements align with the goals outlined in the Canton Transportation Master Plan, addressing identified needs for improved pedestrian infrastructure.

The project’s progression follows a meticulous evaluation process, with Practical Design Partners emerging as the preferred choice among proposals received for professional engineering services and construction management. If approved, the project promises not only to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility but also to enhance the overall urban landscape of the Sunnyside community.

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As the Canton City Council prepares for the decisive vote on May 16th, anticipation builds for the realization of this significant infrastructure endeavor, poised to uplift the Sunnyside community and foster a more connected and pedestrian-friendly environment. Citizens can stay engaged with the council’s proceedings via livestream on the city’s website, underscoring the commitment to transparency and community involvement in Canton’s development initiatives.

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